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私がネットオンラインでやってきたことを中心とするブログです。/It is a blog that centers my coming with Game-Online. /是我把在電波遊戯要來的事作為中心博客。


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Because Big Update?/another one, new type wing of costume/new quest mounted info from oversea.(English ver Message)


It has become a bold title.

Suddenly, I want to pull one's coat separately as two blogs that not only neither one blog nor foreign countries that everybody domestic can first read because the person who is reading seems to have a hard time when seeing in the long sentence can be done and doing be read (North America version/Taiwan and Chinese version).

Continuation is the content.





MomoVanilla:RARIHO--!!, Hello, After a long timeeee!
MomoVanilla:pleple of new member player, nice to meet u.
MomoVanilla:I am always still energetic .
MomoVanilla:What?Walking stick of this heart?
MomoVanilla;Ah this What obtained in the last Valentine's Day event
MomoVanilla:The cacao etc have been collected hard.
MomoVanilla:Wonderful?, and, this item is no limit version. What's? * No! >:C
MomoVanilla:Terrible .Moreover, because it is an indefinite period. What?Do you want to have dealings with this?Dealings are useless. such living it
MomoVanilla:Oh,pop up my idea. Mrs.Miyu said that *
MomoVanilla:..encounter.. , is so. It said though Mrs.Miyu participated in "Cat meeting" for the first time.
It is 2008/10/05 and 1 and a half years or ..becoming it.. ?.

MomoVanilla:Without encountering and misunderstanding ,. Because the player name is not a name of "Miyu".
The heart throbbed when taking part in an assembly for the first time. Cat's pet had not had it yet.
Is not what cannot be set maybe done though it was said by the person who has the execution committee that the message of prize for participation [morautoki] and "It was not possible to have dealings" would appear?、Mrs.Miyu。

MomoVanilla:By the way, hough HITENTSU BLOG T has been seen It recorded in the blog in the past when this image was seen.


MomoVanilla:Ah . It knows it. It might be that NPC that comes out at a place called East Sea.
It is mounted in foreign countries, and it seems to do the quest of the title etc.
It is easy whether to do three back and forth level 50 rough when ..person.. putting it together two people.


# 8.18.2009 (TUE) Link :[たまにとね]()
# SPECIAL$$$ equipped with the function of "A certain mini game" that uses the tool of
# Macromedia (now Adobe) can be done because the idea of my own way has come out as recent,
# the production progress report of blog parts at present is 10% as for ..extra.. $$$### though
# I want to introduce one of the blog parts that can be taken home with PC.
Well, you should not expect it is too excessive. Because the completed schedule is not decided.

MomoVanilla:At present, where do you advance? (:>) Because the rotating scene appears with ..recent article.. blog parts ..living it.., and only that is done.


MomoVanilla:・・・・・・・ is put out according to what timing while it says and.
Surely..mini..game..one..scene..this..blog parts..screen..mosaic..look..bad..wrought gold..feel.

MomoVanilla:What.. expectation swells. :))))

MomoVanilla:Incidently, when the event etc. were mounted by the aide and ..three.. ....winning..
drinking.. update, it was introduced with HITENTSU BLOG.
The event was mounted by the average every day, and to use the calendar and the ranking with
the icon, it became convenient.
Link: 飛天通(春の3大アップデート!)

MomoVanilla:Will produce with the wrought gold in "Large wrought gold rally in the event of every day" and
a short time of the item in the mission with and, do pass to NPC, and do it feel it?
Does "A certain item" that becomes the object of the mission come out at random?
However, it was said that this mini game of blog parts that Mr.phiza made now was not the same model.

MomoVanilla:Ohhh and "Flying and Pupu rally" are a similar one to the Flying Events rally that came at
limited time before this old times.
Because it was mounted as an event every day, it comes to have been able to do at any time.

MomoVanilla:"Quiz rally" will become a mounting schedule in the future because of the unmounting now.
Is , or the answer ..whether it is yesno model.. .... doubtful ..the choice of four..?
the quiz rally When the answer of the quiz is a character input, it seems to be difficult
to judge it.

MomoVanilla:Is "Dancing" unmounted at present, and do it mimic it with maybe the same dance?If it is so, it becomes similar feeling to the memory game.

MomoVanilla:And, what can you get from the prize that achieves these events?Is it Allais who puts it on the head if it thinks? Uhhhhm,Indefinite period..type..good..that..prize..character..interest.You only have to have changed even in the animal with lovelier the character.

MomoVanilla:It was heard that it was possible to mount also with aeria DOMO .."Tower of GENBU" it.. recently.
The..tower..inside..enter..any more..scary..entrance..of..in the vicinity..see.;((((
     The prize that is captured and achieved in the tower is only Allais. I faint. (It is true. )XX(((

MomoVanilla:..encounter.. , is so. It was heard that New Costume and New Quest had been mounted according to the title of this blog from Mr.phiza though it was information on aeria DOMO.

MomoVanilla:How?The wing of the player looks glossy in purple.
Is it does say it is so or Wing Version of Butterfly?

MomoVanilla:Are there nine kinds about the black (It is ..edge.. ..black.. ..white.. color), cyanogen, ..white (It is ..edge.. gray ..blue.. ..color..).. peach, and red, yellow, and purple?

MomoVanilla:In Gamania DOMO, though Allais of fashionable had gone out.

MomoVanilla:It was gotten whether there was a new dressing up that not was yet in Gamania DOMO in foreign countries ..the confirmation...
Link: [Costume list of foreign countries]
MomoVanilla:Σ( ̄□ ̄;) It is so. ..

Mineral Yellow Wings (※)

18th Century Costume (※)

Fancy Fancy Racing Suit (※)

Pink Mecha Armor
Playboy Bunny Costume(Black)
Playboy Bunny Costume(Golden)
Playboy Bunny Costume(Pink)
Playboy Bunny Headgear(Pink)
Playboy Bunny Costume(White)

MomoVanilla:・・・A pink mechanism armor etc. the racer suit the dress and that of the 18th century
There is such Costume. ・x・

MomoVanilla:This Cosutme : ..encounter.. ,.

RPG Character Costume (※)

(※)Refer to the image to ..peel.. link the previous.

MomoVanilla:Gamania DOMO sends and New Costume that officially decides the contest winning sends it also in foreign countries.
Is it the same company?

MomoVanilla:Site that exists in a lot of dressing up lists of a certain user who doesn't officially defeat another Gamania DOMO ・・・

the user's external link
- Attention: It wastes it for the user with a slow CPU at time when the site is opened. (standard of CPU 1GHz: One minute even of the reading completion. )

MomoVanilla:A word from me.!!「NATSU TO IEBA SUIKA DESUNA (It is "Watermelon. " that I imagine by "Summer". )」T he serif ・・・ Who portrayed this portrait?・w・

    It HITEN caster's is one old person, and Mrs.BEKOMOCHI. ?!? If so, it misses it. XDDD

MomoVanilla:After that, what is it as for new quest?

MomoVanilla:This is the one of ..encounter.. , that the event has already been mounted in foreign countries if it is said along though a past blog New Quest here existed. A and and new quest were added.

MomoVanilla:Were there these kind of things domestically?
It is anxious what it is.
Is the pet left surely?Mr.phiza said with not the pet but NPC when hearing it.

MomoVanilla:What it is possible to come?
Does the item : like water though it was not thought that everything had been seen though there seems to be only the one used in the event that exists in "Ground of the start"?
Moreover, not only the event of the ground of the start but also it is used for another quest when hearing it from Mr.phiza, and, because,
This hereafter is mounted.
Do you obtain it to the PUPU capsule surely?Hear..such a thing..provide..differ..use..answer.Is it so?

※A related chart is displayed when clicking.

MomoVanilla:Yes?There is NPC that we have not seen in the vicinity of the entrance of Eversun City.
Person who is worried what along NPC is.
Though it was heard that Mr.phiza had cleared this quest
The ability with the expiration date seems to be HP+100, and to be an item that goes up. the item of the reward
After that, even if you clear the following this quest.

※A related chart is displayed when clicking.

MomoVanilla:The quest was cleared, and it said. Though it did not understand whether it was character (NPC) like lovely Monster a certain cave it was what
About the content of the quest, large Monster and the lovely Monster? though there are a lot of what.. messages. The trouble of something existed.

MomoVanilla:Becoming calm and even giving information other than a formal opening to the public : Mr.phiza even if it is said a large-scale update. ・w・

MomoVanilla:About when does the attack boss appear at the outside entrance of Eversan City though I am anxious?
It is scary.

MomoVanilla:Ghpaaaaa.... Mr.phiza,Are not you feeling jealous if it drinks ..so.. and [da] is done?

MomoVanilla:Nnn?... Chinese Version?,,Can log in be done?

※Only as for the installation of a Chinese version, the content can be heard of whether log in was able to be done.

MomoVanilla:It : It is What!!!

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